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I’m Julien MACHET

Consulting Hypnotist / Hypnotherapist

Helping You Embrace Your Life & Forge Your Own Chosen Path

Positive Answers to Behavioral & Lifestyle Issues

Overcome your obstacles which hinder your Success and impair your Life Journey.

Support of Medical & Psychological Issues

Personalized Treatment to relieve and deal with your symptoms for a better Wellbeing.

 Helping You Change & Be Aligned with Yourself

Rediscover Your True Potential. « Embreathe Your life »

Tired of feeling trapped, stuck, overwhelmed or in pain through your daily life?  It has for sure already happened to any one of us and even with the best motivation available, things tend to stay as they are. The question NOW is how you deal with the situation for good and really manage to move forward.

For that, Hypnosis is an amazing life-investment tool that helps you progress, improve, change & keep going. Hypnosis sessions are customisable according to your needs, very relaxing, 100% natural and focused on your inner self & body.       

Such Support can be used by itself and/or in addition to other medical treatments.

Often considered as a Brief Guidance (only a few weeks, sometimes less), it does not necessarily require you to dwell on your past.

Helping you regain clarity and insights to your Life's Purpose and Meaning.

Learn how to acquire Autonomy & to keep Forging your own Chosen Path by yourself.

Hypnosis Explained

The Working Model of Our Mind / Dispelling Myths & Misconceptions about Hypnosis

Questionnaire & Goal Setting

A highly Personalized guidance and support tailor-made to your needs

Induced Hypnotic Trances

Journey into an altered state of consciousness in which your Unconscious is Hyper-suggestible, enabling an easier realignment with your Life Objectives

Self-Hypnosis & New Habits Implementation

A Personal Autonomy developed and tested for your Future

What is Hypnosis?
Who is Hypnosis For?

Every day, each of us experience such similar altered state of consciousness in which we tend to be detached from our immediate environment and more absorbed by inner experiences. It could be for example when you are deeply immersed in an exciting novel or movie, when your mind switches to automatic mode to bring you and your car from your home to your workplace or when you are just daydreaming about what your ideal life could look like… Inducing deliberately such state of consciousness within a person provides an easier access to the unconscious, the latter being more likely to provoke real changes with the guidance of the hypnotist. We tend to say that each of us is hypnotizable as long as you can focus &/or imagine, which then applies to a lot of people !

Can Hypnosis reveal itself unsafe for me ? Can it be physically harmful ?

Hypnosis remains something 100% natural. The aim of recreating such induced state is to make your Unconscious more open to beneficial suggestions which will be meaningful to you. The role of the Hypnotist is here to assess your condition to adapt his support strategy adequately to preserve & improve your Wellbeing safely. Let’s not forget that Trances are most often accompanied by intense Relaxation states which can only be very positive for your body.

Which issues can I tackle with Hypnosis ?

Hypnosis can apply to a diversity of issues and it would appear restricting to coldly quote a limited list. Nevertheless, we could for example consider on a Behavioral & Lifestyle aspect Stress Management, Self-Esteem, Weight Management, Smoking Cessation, Insomnia, Nail Biting, Fear & Phobias, Stammering… Furthermore, more Specific Treatment Protocols can also apply to Medical Symptoms such as Asthma, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, Pain Management, Panic Attacks, Skin Problems… Such support can be used by itself &/or in addition of existing Medical Treatments to enhance their efficacy.

Practically speaking, how long does a Session last ? How many Sessions are required ?

First Session usually takes more time, closer to 2 hours, sometimes more if required. Time is taken on explaining Hypnosis to you, going through a detailed Questionnaire and setting proper individual Goal(s). First Hypnotic Trance can then be induced accordingly by the Hypnotist. Subsequent Sessions are normally shorter, closer to 1 hour, but can be more if needed. The number of Sessions required varies depending on each individual case. However, through experience, 3 to 6 Sessions is most often the requirement needed for.

How long does a session last ? How many sessions do you recommend ? What is the fee per Session ?

The first session usually takes a little longer, between 1h30 and 2h00. Subsequent sessions are usually shorter, but not always. So, for simplicity, I work in the form of 2 hour slots. This allows us to take time for you and to go in depth into the subjects, with efficiency and above all serenity.

The number of sessions required varies with each individual case. It is therefore difficult to define a general rule. Nevertheless, by experience, 3 to 6 sessions are most often recommended.

The spacing between 2 sessions can vary from 1 week to 1 month, depending on the phase of support, your wishes for change, your own pace and your personal progress.

Sessions are charged at 200 SGD per session whatever time is required.

How can I be sure that I can be hypnotized ?

We experience altered states of consciousness almost every day and they are similar to an Hypnosis state. Therefore, any one of us logically tends to be hypnotizable. So far, I have never encountered any difficulty in bringing a person through a state of Trance. This is also partly due to the proper preparatory work carried out during each first session such as explaining what Hypnosis is and dispelling common myths and misconceptions about it. This help to provide an accurate perspective about Hypnosis while removing any potential resistance.

About Me

Graduated from the Group ESSEC Business School in 2007, I started my career in the Corporate and Investment Banking sector for 3 years in the big towers of Société Générale in Paris La Défense. In 2010, I felt the urge about a drastic change regarding the underlying products I was dealing with. At that time, I was for sure tired of the « abstractness » of the crazy financial figures I was working with on a daily basis.

In that respect, being native from Burgundy, an amazing wine region in France, I pursued a more down-to-earth shift by integrating an extraordinary company called FICOFI in which I stayed for more than 10 years, both in Paris & Singapore. Partner with the most prestigious winemakers in the world, the company serves a discrete and global community of 300 members who gain access to direct allocations. Among many other tasks, I mostly took care of the tailor-made wine offers dedicated to members.

So, why Hypnosis now? I actually discovered its positive benefits on my personal life and close relatives more than 10 years ago. I have since then practiced Self-Hypnosis on a daily basis for my own good. I initially started to learn in Paris, as early as 2014, how to help people with Hypnosis but did not complete the entire course, clearly at that time by lack of proper personal Life objectives. Eventually, while I still continued to feel a strong longing in helping people and being more aligned with my Core Values around Wellbeing, I finally decided to pursue a dual formation in Singapore in 2020 both via NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists) &  LCCHA (London College of Clinical Hypnosis Asia) for which I am both certified. My only aim today remains to share my knowledge & competence by accompanying individuals in their need for change and relieving them in the best manner possible from any negative symptoms they would have.


« At last, I can look at my hands with pride. Nail biting & skin picking are now real things of the past, after more than 15 years of such negative habit… I also really appreciated how Julien helps you feel and be autonomous with Self-Hypnosis teaching, even if he knows that it is not good for his future business! » A. on 20th September 2021

« 100% recommend Julien’s hypnotherapy sessions! I was initially skeptical, but the experience was great and successfully solved the problem I was seeking treatment for. I only have the highest praise for his skills! »  D. on 9th January 2022

« How good it does feel to be finally relax and present while taking care of my two children ! I had tried several alternatives before meeting Julien via word of mouth and I can guarantee it has been a real revelation for me. He taught me how to properly relax and also worked on my bruxism which has stopped since then. In turn, I can only warmly recommend him. Thanks again for everything. » E. on 3rd February 2022

« Embreathe Your Life »,

a Mission statement by itself… 

« Embrace Your Life », by being really True to Yourself & at the same time « Breathe » properly, by harvesting the natural positive effects of an ordinary abdominal breathing & taking the necessary self-reflection step back about your thoughts, emotions and behaviours.  

Interestingly, « Embreathe » was also the archaic English word for « Breathe In ». Translated in French, it gives us the word « Inspirer », which both means « Breath In » and « Inspire ». In reality, to provoke concrete change within yourself, there is no better start than getting Inspired first ! 

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